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Credentials and Experience

  • BS and MS degrees in Agricultural Engineering from Penn State University

  • Registered as a Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and 26 other states

  • Designed building components and structural systems for residential, light commercial, and agricultural buildings

  • Conducted field investigations of existing structures to determine the causes of performance issues and provide repair and remediation recommendations

  • Led the development of new building products, and/or design methods.

  • Provided technical support and training to design professionals, builders and code officials

GLYN BOONE - Professional Engineer


Credentials and Experience

  • BS in Natural Science from University of Pittsburgh

  • Layout and design of wood floor and deck framing systems including joist sizing, support beams and columns, flush girder systems, rim details, and associated connection design.

  • Proficiency in CAD and design software including AutoCAD, SketchUp, BlueBeam, Forte, isDesign, Excel design templates and other industry and proprietary design software.

  • Marketing and customer relations for Myer Hill Consulting and several agricultural businesses.

ELIZABETH BOONE - Structural Designer

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